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To satisfy the curiosity of all my friends out there…
Yes I have a barcode tatooed on the back of my neck..

Yes I have actually scanned it before..

And NO, no price came out..

Meaning that I.AM.PRICELESS. Haha. The 4 ringgit was from some other item we were going to buy. So, stop asking me…

If you can scan me…

...If I am scan-able

How much I would cost…

...If you could buy me

If you could take me to the counter and check me out

(And the many MANY more witty variations to it)

I am not for sale.

Happy? (:

One Hell of a Weekend!

O sohniye..hey yea..
Tu akh ch’ pa lai akh sohniye..
Tu hath ch’ pa lai hath sohniye..
Tenu bahaa de naal chukk sohniye..
Ajj chall tu mere naal..
Its the 2 step bhangra..


4 days since I’ve been online. It was a pretty fun few days. Went to soho on thursday night to chill and play some pool. Then stayed over at Jay’s place.

*Mengada’ing in the car before Soho*

*Jay and I*

*Sudeep, who was TOTALLY GAY that night*

*The whole gang*

Rushed back friday morning (which was the afternoon really) for Ron’s cutting of his bday cake. Caught up with some sleep and it was out again the next day. Went for Ron’s belated birthday dinner the next day with the family and dad’s gf. Some chinese food by the beach. Nothing too special, but it was really good food.

*The family* (:

Then went over to the Island for what was supposed to be the vesakhi open house, but we ended up going to SS instead. Again.


*Drunkards after clubbing*

The reason why I’m not putting up any pictures with me is because…
1. I didnt feel like taking any pictures.
2. No one asked me to take any pictures.
2. I was a little drunk too drunk anyways to take any pictures to begin with.


While the picture above was being taken, I was in a faraway land, half asleep, in the bathroom, for about half an hour. The best friend had to literally scream me out. After which I had to be carried to the car, clearly by one of the stronger guys. I finally got sober about 7 in the morning, just as we were reaching Jay’s house only to realise that I did NOT have my shoes or handbag with me at that point. It was in another guy’s car. And that guy just so happened to stay on the island. And we were already in BM. What. A. Joke.

It was too late to turn back so we just decided to sleep there (well the girls did, while the guys continued their drinking) and then got up to leave around 8 in the evening. Were supposed to go to the beach for some BBQ but some of the guys backed out due to the fact that they were already too wasted at that point to drink even more.

So we retreated back home and got ready to just go out and chill. We had all totally lost track of time that by the time we left the house it was already well past 12. Went to get my bag and shoes, and that’s when I realised that my phone, was NOT in my bag! Another phone lost. A new on that is!!!!! So after some well needed emo’ing and comforting, we went back home. And no, we did not sleep. Everyone decided to stay up for a game of truth and dare. No drinking involved. Just a lot of weird dares.

Got up late on Monday, had some food, then left for a movie. We should have known our luck, that by the time we actually got to the cinemas, the ticket counters were already all closed. So again, we went to SS. Just for a short while to catch some music and drink a few beers.

*She had to be a total diva that day, for no reason at all*

*Last shot of the day*

You have reached the end of the post.

I shall make my exit now, as I find myself in dire need of sleep.

Do I or Do I not?

Below, are the reasons I dont look forward to going back to KL :-

Sofy. The best friend.
The one that’s been there way before the shit started.
Way before anyone else. Way before I became who I am.
And she understands. Everything.

Janice. The sister I never had.
It’s been ages since we really hung out, but i wish I could, all the time.
She’s all grown up now, but she’ll always still be my lil baby sister.

Jeszebel. The quirky best friend.
The one that would always be there for me.
The one that would go to all lenghts to make me laugh again.
The one that keeps the secrets.

Eric. The best guy friend.
The one guy that I could always run to bitchin about the ex’s
and he’d bitch right back about them.
The one guy that would never ever hurt me.

Jolene. The girl that kept me entertained through those silly church things. The one that sat with me and listened to all those random ramblings on random crushes, while being in church.

All those wonderful people. NOT IN KL!

The reasons I look forward to going back.

Lisan. The one that dances!
And drinks! And goes clubbing!
Which is a huge reason why I need her around.
Which is also why I am going to suffer when
she leaves for UK in September. Before my birthday celebrations!!
(lets pray she changes her mind)

Stefanie. The foreign girl.
The smart one. However would I finish all my coursework
and assignments without her help *winks*

Jeslyn. The college mate.
This girl here, is entertaining as hell.
If you dont know her, you’re missing out (:


by the Beach

Another pictured post…

Gurney Plaza restroom *take 1*

Gurney Plaza restroom *take 2*

Some restaurant b4 clubbing

The babes in Slippery Senoritas

Jesebel Khaira

Deanna Rahman

Wednesday night at Momo

Some of us were high *ahem*

Preeti and I

5 in the morning, at the beach, again



This is what true love really is
Its not this fairy tale life, that never knows pain
But its two souls, facing at the other

And diminishing it, unconditionally…

Memories are all that remains,
Of a perfect love gone wrong,
Memories of your warm smile,
Of your soft loving caresses,
And your sweet tender kisses,

Memories so bitter yet so sweet,
Where my lips curl into a smile,
Yet the joy never to reach my eyes,
As unbidden tears streak down,

Memories of a classic love story,
That ended on a rain soaked day,
As if the sky saw and empathized,
And weeped along with my heart,

Moments we had spent together,
Will live and last forever,
As unforgettable memories,
To be played over and over,

Memories are all that I have left,
Of a love that once burned bright,
Now masked, dimmed and dying,
But it is in this eternal moment,
That I love you the most,

But it is too late to turn back now,
For we have taken a one way road,
To memories and might have beens,
And used up all our given chances,

So now, while I hurt and ache,
I will also pray, hope and wait,
For a gentle and loving heart,
To heal and revive this love broken soul,
And give a new home to this orphaned heart…

I will never forget nor will I be able to fully let go of these bittersweet memories. It will always occupy a special place in my life. I am not angry, just disappointed and sad. Meantime, I put on a mask of happiness in front of friends and family, so much so that I feel tired and pretentious. I still hurt inside, but much less now than before, and I hope to learn to love and be loved again.

Love is not love which alters,
When an alteration finds,

When life gets hard,
When things change,
True love remains the same