Exams are done

Love..is not the answer..
The answer..is within you..

Exams are done with. Now that semester 2’s over, it feels like the past 4 months have just flew by. Short sem starting in May. Well, actually a week before that, but i’m gonna stay in penang a little longer and miss the first week. Nothing happens the first week anyways right.

So here’s the update for last week, which is supposed to be a fully pictured post, but I’ve only gotten a few pictures so far.

The three girls I spent a whole lot of time with last week. It was mostly hectic. Concert, clubbing, genting, clubbing, melacca, clubbing, and all b4 the finals. I left last tuesday and only actually came back to the hostel on the morning of the finals. Jes came down for a week, mainly for the punjabi concert in Maisons, but she stayed much longer. Then Jane and Deanna joined us over the weekend and we stayed out shopping, chilling, clubbing. And it was all girl’s night outs coz they knew i needed it. I have great awesome friends, dont I.

Another picture of us somewhere down heritage row. And yes, i’m in a dress. Not something you see very often
(: Between the excessive dancing and over drinking, i’m not sure if i actually gained weight, or loss some. Not to mention the many times I was forced to eat full meals because my friends are people that want me fat lah.
Got back on monday morning for 3 days of finals. Which wasnt too bad. And I would know, because I actually managed to be present for it all. A little lot of thanks goes out to those few friends who know me so well, who actually called prior to the exams to make sure I was awake. Each and every exam ok.
Last night was spent at Lisan’s place with her and Stef. Was coz I got alcohol and she had some also, and what do you do when u have alcohol? Drink. She invited some of her friends over also, most of whom drank like fishes. So the alcohol habis, but no one was tipsy enough. Wasted only rite? But it was really fun, in a different kinda way.
*pictures below taken from lisan’s blog*

The excuse that brought us together.

The after shot (:

Going back to penang
tonight. Very extremely happy!

This is your life..
Are you who you wanna be?
This is YOUR life..
Is it everything you dreamt it would be?

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