You are Your twisted words

You and Your twisted words
Your help just hurts
You are not what I thought you were

Went to SS last night after nearly a year. It was good. Really, for about 45 minutes. Then the music stopped and there was a raid. Geez, the first one i’ve gotten stuck in since i begun clubbing YEARS ago. Again, it’s the first time i’ve gone back to SS since last year. I had not idea I was THAT unlucky!

* waiting out the raid *

So we were stuck there until about 5a.m. Me, vj deanna mtv and a few new friends, which recently happens to be mostly punjabi guys. Not really my taste, a little too much drinking, but they’re still alright fun to hang out with. IC checks and urine tests for guys. And I never thought i’d panic over raids since I’ve been of age, just that unluckilly, my IC was NOT with me. It was with Jesebel, and she was not around, so we had to avoid the cops, and wait til she got there.

No one got into trouble, and we all left safely. Went to get some dinner at some place that I cant remember, and then headed home. I never actually thought a raid could turn out to be fun, but strangely it was. Of coz, i’d rather not get stuck in one, like, ever again.

On a totally random note, i switched phone’s with Ron. So he’s got my dopod now and i’ve got his 5300 (: His birthday’s this friday, and we’re trying to plan a suprise.

*Keep ur fingers crossed for me*

There’s no place like home
*clicks shoes*
There’s no place like home (:

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