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how Amazing they are

Shawty is a killer but I really want him
And I gotta have him tonight
Shawty heart breaker but it really dont matter
Cause I really want him tonight

Went to watch Over Her Dead Body with Jes and Deanna in Gurney. A romantic comedy starring Eva Longoria Parker. Still love her, even out of Desperate Housewifes. The movie was nice, but it only hit me then, that it was the first romantic movie I’d watched since the break up. I wasnt really looking forward to the happilly ever after that I knew was coming and that got me sad for a while, but thank god for my girls, who went CLUBBING with me, on a MONDAY night, UNPLANNED, and in the CLOTHES THEY HAD ON. Sometimes it scares me how amazing they really are. Lol. So we went to SS again, and it wasnt too bad. Quite empty, but the music was good. And that’s what i needed anyways. That, and a cute guy (:

Again, pictures will be up later, because they’re not with me. Hmmm. I need a camera