This is what true love really is
Its not this fairy tale life, that never knows pain
But its two souls, facing at the other

And diminishing it, unconditionally…

Memories are all that remains,
Of a perfect love gone wrong,
Memories of your warm smile,
Of your soft loving caresses,
And your sweet tender kisses,

Memories so bitter yet so sweet,
Where my lips curl into a smile,
Yet the joy never to reach my eyes,
As unbidden tears streak down,

Memories of a classic love story,
That ended on a rain soaked day,
As if the sky saw and empathized,
And weeped along with my heart,

Moments we had spent together,
Will live and last forever,
As unforgettable memories,
To be played over and over,

Memories are all that I have left,
Of a love that once burned bright,
Now masked, dimmed and dying,
But it is in this eternal moment,
That I love you the most,

But it is too late to turn back now,
For we have taken a one way road,
To memories and might have beens,
And used up all our given chances,

So now, while I hurt and ache,
I will also pray, hope and wait,
For a gentle and loving heart,
To heal and revive this love broken soul,
And give a new home to this orphaned heart…

I will never forget nor will I be able to fully let go of these bittersweet memories. It will always occupy a special place in my life. I am not angry, just disappointed and sad. Meantime, I put on a mask of happiness in front of friends and family, so much so that I feel tired and pretentious. I still hurt inside, but much less now than before, and I hope to learn to love and be loved again.

Love is not love which alters,
When an alteration finds,

When life gets hard,
When things change,
True love remains the same

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