Do I or Do I not?

Below, are the reasons I dont look forward to going back to KL :-

Sofy. The best friend.
The one that’s been there way before the shit started.
Way before anyone else. Way before I became who I am.
And she understands. Everything.

Janice. The sister I never had.
It’s been ages since we really hung out, but i wish I could, all the time.
She’s all grown up now, but she’ll always still be my lil baby sister.

Jeszebel. The quirky best friend.
The one that would always be there for me.
The one that would go to all lenghts to make me laugh again.
The one that keeps the secrets.

Eric. The best guy friend.
The one guy that I could always run to bitchin about the ex’s
and he’d bitch right back about them.
The one guy that would never ever hurt me.

Jolene. The girl that kept me entertained through those silly church things. The one that sat with me and listened to all those random ramblings on random crushes, while being in church.

All those wonderful people. NOT IN KL!

The reasons I look forward to going back.

Lisan. The one that dances!
And drinks! And goes clubbing!
Which is a huge reason why I need her around.
Which is also why I am going to suffer when
she leaves for UK in September. Before my birthday celebrations!!
(lets pray she changes her mind)

Stefanie. The foreign girl.
The smart one. However would I finish all my coursework
and assignments without her help *winks*

Jeslyn. The college mate.
This girl here, is entertaining as hell.
If you dont know her, you’re missing out (:


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