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What would I say to Me?

If I were to go back in time, and meet me, one year ago. This is what I’d like myself to know.

That he will not turn out to be the man you expect him to be. You will come to find that he’s an asshole. He will break your heart, over and over again. But you are strong enough, and you will realise, that love, is not everything.

That clubbing, is not something you will grow out of. Not because of the drinking or smoking. Not even because of the dancing. But because of the friends that you realise you gain from it.

That you will get homesick. Very homesick. But you would still give up the chance to go back home, just to spend time with him. Which you should NOT do.

That you would be given the chance to stay with him, but you shouldnt. Because that one month is the beginning of the end. Plus you’ll get bitten by bedmites, badly.

That neither your birthday, christmas nor new year this year will be special unless you make your own plans and do what only you want to do, instead of trying to follow anyone else.

That you should work. Earn that money, and spend it on shopping sprees. You will need em.

That you should not start college just so you could be near him. But you will not end up regretting it, coz the friends you gain makes the sacrifice worth it. And you will begin to look forward to college.

That loosing weight will be painful, but not nearly as much as gaining it back. And to other people, you will always be too chubby or too thin. You will never be perfect unless you believe you are.

That you should treasure every moment with your mum, because even though your boyfriend seems more important at the moment, your mum is the one that will move out of the country. And you will only get to see her once, every 2 years. You also will cry over missing her, even if you think you’re too old to do that. Many times.

That you will grow out of many phases, but shoes is not something you will ever regret buying. In fact, you should buy more of those. A whole lot more.

That getting drunk is something that you will regret because you will blurt out things you never wanted people to know, not to mention puking your guts out. So do not start drinking to begin with.

That you should never.ever.EVER take your phone along when you go clubbing. Because you will loose not one, but two phones, in that exact same unfortunate way.

That you should dye your hair whatever colour you want to, but think twice thrice before cutting it. It is something that you will regret on many different occasions.

That his friends will always be his friends, and even after you manage to befriend them and hang out frequently with them to the point of having satay & leong sui rituals, at the end of the day, they will still always be his friends, not yours. Remember that. Coz that will hurt, a lot.


Steven Strait

New obsession. Well actually, renewed obsession. And I just had to blog about it (: Anyone that knew me when Sky High came out back in 2005 would know how obsessed I was with…

Steven Strait

And then I saw him again in Undiscoved.

Then The Covenant. Where he has short hair, but was still as steamy as ever. Actually didnt realise it was him til halfway through the movie.

And after that I thought he had disappeared off the face of the planet. Til I watched 10,000 bc, a few times. The story line was a little cacat, but I just couldnt help it. Then I discovered that it was him in the movie. Kinda explains why I couldnt seem to take my eyes off D’leh (:

I would not randomly blog about some dude that I do not know in person unless he was really worth it. I dont even blog about Chris Brown and ya’ll know how obsessed I am with him.

But Steven Strait is DAMN FUCKING HOT okay! Like totally, completely.

With and without clothes on.

Ladies Night with the Girls

I don’t care what they say
I’m in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don’t know the truth
My heart’s crippled by the vein
That I keep on closing
You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding
Keep, keep bleeding lov

Went clubbing. Yet again. Well, what do you expect on ladies night? For me to stay at home at watch TV? Started the night off at Momo, but the music in Momo was kinda weird, so we decided to go to SS towards the end of the night. SO much better. Anyways, here’s the sh*tload of pictures. None of when we were actually dancing, because the dance floor was fucking packed! **Click to enlarge.

Momo with Jesebel, Jolene & Sarah.

SS with Safura etc (unfortunately these are the only 2 pics we took there)

I look you in the eyes..
I run my fingers through your hair..
I kiss your sweet soft lips..
But i’m too scared..
Too scared to let myself care again..