Steven Strait

New obsession. Well actually, renewed obsession. And I just had to blog about it (: Anyone that knew me when Sky High came out back in 2005 would know how obsessed I was with…

Steven Strait

And then I saw him again in Undiscoved.

Then The Covenant. Where he has short hair, but was still as steamy as ever. Actually didnt realise it was him til halfway through the movie.

And after that I thought he had disappeared off the face of the planet. Til I watched 10,000 bc, a few times. The story line was a little cacat, but I just couldnt help it. Then I discovered that it was him in the movie. Kinda explains why I couldnt seem to take my eyes off D’leh (:

I would not randomly blog about some dude that I do not know in person unless he was really worth it. I dont even blog about Chris Brown and ya’ll know how obsessed I am with him.

But Steven Strait is DAMN FUCKING HOT okay! Like totally, completely.

With and without clothes on.

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