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Went to Thailand with a few friends over the weekend. To go drink a little, buy duty free stuff and maybe catch a few “shows“. Details of the trip is something I shall not reveal, but it is definately a trip to be remembered. Some might even call it an adventure.

I know I would.

So I didnt drink and didnt get to see those shows I wanted to because I was busy doing something else. Totally worth it, because I now have……….

Yup, you guessed it…

Another tattoo !! Yay !!

It’s a dragon (because I’m born in the year of the dragon lah) And it’s carrying a heart which is inscribed with the alphabets CA JK. My initials and the best friend’s initials and she got it the other way around, JK CA.

Awesome okay!

Very fucking awesome!


A few more pictures that I just got. Also from that night. Just before getting the tattoo.

*We curled my hair coz the straightener plug could not fit the Thai plug point*

*Damn nice picture ok. except that i stupidly covered half the flash with my finger!*

*Vicky n I inside the tattoo shop. Just couldnt get a clear shot despite the many tries!*