Looking forward to?

Show off that body you got,
You got that dance, glow so hot
You workin’ that, you twerkin’ that
You tickin’ that, like a clock

I’m back in Sunway. Finally, after a well enjoyed 3 weeks break. Went for my first class today and realised that college, is quite boring. I mean its nice being in college, and hanging out with friends in between classes. But the actual class, could very much put me to sleep. Maybe its just the subjects this semester. There’s Operations of Inbound and Outbound Tours, Retail Visual Merchandise and Display and Introduction to Entrepreneurship. I know, I know. The subject titles itself causes drowsiness. Or, maybe, its caused by absence of the for mentioned, entertaining classmate ;)

Just realised that I missed the hectic’ness of Penang. I mean, I got used to having things to do and places to go everyday. Now that I’m back here, I realise that I actually have so much free time on my hands. Good in a way coz I could use that time to do assignments and revisions, when I have those to do. But right now, I’m considerably free. If I don’t find a good way to kill time soon, I’m gonna end up murdering myself. Anyone got any ideas?

Things i’m currently looking forward to –

*Xlive this Saturday. Going with Jesebel and whoever else decides to tag along lah. Even though i’m going for work, at least I get to see Missy Elliot and get a little extra cash to spend rite.

*Jesebel’s bday (right after Xlive). Coz I get to go back to Penang, and see those friends again. Not to mention the booze. Haha. Anticipated to be a really memorable celebration.

*College Trip to Langkawi, then our own trip to Bangkok, and then Penang. This is actually some time away (late June) but still, I know this is a trip i’m definately going to enjoy. Why? One. the duty free booze and chocolate. TWO. The cheap CHEAP shopping in Chatuchak, Thailand (Something i’m really looking forward to, since Lisan told me bout it, then showed me pictures. Totally got my attention). THREE. This part is kinda obvious right. Ya’ll know I love being back home. The best part is, I get to stay there til late August. One and a half month sem break kay!

Are things complicated because I’ve left?
Or is it complicated because you prefer it to be that way?
Have you chosen not to do anything about it?

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