Sakae Sushi ;)

Went to Sunway to do a little shopping and to catch a movie. Watched Indiana Jones. Not too bad actually. Kinda like National Treasure, except that this one was about aliens instead of gold, which I found to be quite silly. The build up was not too bad, but the ending was considerably sucky. The only real good part was that I got to see Shia LaBeouf (: Me thinks he’s cute in this show.

*Little brother and his girlfriend*

We were all kinda hungry, so we decided to go to Sakae Sushi to eat, on me. Of coz, thats what younger brothers are for right. Leeching of sisters XD

*I think this picture is cho cute*

*Candid. Obviously!*

Okay, so we got a few souvenirs from Sakae Sushi. Nonit to ask me how la. But we got back and were so bored, hence the stupidity of cam’hoeing with it. Most of the pics are so stupid that I’m just not gonna even put it up.

*Our souvenirs*

*We took the pic, then realised we both looked in the opposite direction. No planning at all*

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