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this weekend and the next

*This weekend, going camping. Our little getaway.

BBQ under the open sky
Swimming in the cool water
Sun tanning under the awesome sun
Bumming by the beach

Who could ask for more? It’s been ages since I’ve gone camping. The actual thing, sleeping in tents, far off from any sign of civilization. Just us and them. I think it’s actually been years since I’ve really done that. Normally all we do is get a hotel room and drop by the beach for a while

*Next weekend, KL and Genting.

Chilling in the mall
Club hopping, without them guys
Genting and all its rides
Summer splash
Shopping and more shopping

Bonding time I suppose? (: I cant imagine doing all this with anyone else. In some way, its just meant to be, isn’t it? Me and him, him and her. Us and them. One word, perfection. If only everything were as simple as the picture

Well, whatever it is that happens, at least I’ve got this weekend and the next to look forward to. I’m all smiles right now. Finally.

pyaar hogeya…


Charissa Adeline NEEDS to ESCAPE

I dont know what it is anymore that is stressing me out, or pulling me down. But more often than not, I find myself feeling sad, disappointed or more accurately, miserable. Yup, as overly dramatic as that sounds, sometimes I really do feel miserable.

I used to enjoy everything I did, everyday that passed. I used to be happy and carefree. I used to look forward to chilling with friends, to a girls night out clubbing, to dancing my ass off late into the night without having to care about anything else in the world. I dont anymore.

I wish I could wake up in the morning, not having to worry about today, not having to think about tomorrow. But I cant do that anymore. I’m worried all the time. About college, about work, about friends, about life. I’ll be 20 in 4 months, I cant go on making mistakes. As much as I want to remain a child, I have to face the facts, I havent the luxury of that choice.

I want to snap out of this. I want to be alright. I WANT TO BE ME AGAIN.