Monthly Archives: June 2008


Really quick update.

Just coz I went to CHURCH today!

After almost a whole year of not showing my face at NBVM.
No really. I did.
I miss the shit we used to do there.
I miss church.

tears Once Again

I start this post in tears. Again. After what has seemed like forever. And I wish the tears would stop. I wish the memories would go away. I wish the feelings didnt exist. After a very long 3 months, thoughts of you still cross my mind every now and then. It was supposed to be you. But you made me learn, the hard way, that love, is a game. And every game has its loosers.

I lost with you. I lost you.

my Brother and the Cop

[blue] Dumb cop [purple] Little brother

(winds down window)
Ada lesen ah?
(takes out license from wallet)
Kamu masih sekolah?
Ya. Form 6. Eh, sorry Form 5.
(hands over license)
Ni baru lesen L.
Ya, ada P, tapi tinggal kat rumah.
Ada P? Tapi L ni sampai bulan 8.
Dah ambik P dah, tapi dulu dompet hilang,
So takut nanti hilang lagi. So tinggal P kat rumah.
Oh, jadi bawak L, lesen P tinggal kat rumah? Salah tau.
Salah ah? Oh, tak tau. Lain kali saya bawak P.
Ah. Ok.
(drives off fast)


Dancing – Elise

I’m not much for contemporary dance of this sort, but I came across this recently and fell in love with it instantly.
The dance, the song. Just everything. The emotions conveyed are just surreal.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Now I’m not comparing that to our own
So You Think You Can Dance. But that’s only coz it’d be a total disgrace to the contestants dancing in the clip above. Doesn’t anyone else think Malaysia lacks a tab bit of originality when it comes to reality shows?

Be the change you want to see in the world.