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Us and Them

“You see what sounds to you like a big load of trashy old noise,
but it is in fact, the brilliant music of a genius.
And that music is so powerful that it’s quite beyond my control
and when I’m in the grips of it,
I don’t feel pleasure I don’t feel pain
Iggy Pop.

Alright. I’m fresh now, after a good night (and morning) of sleep. And I’m here to rave about the wonderful weekend I had (: Total word post. Pictures are in the post before this one.

Left for Penang Island on Friday afternoon, then went to Tesco to do a little pre-camp shopping. Got ourselves lunch instead. Then shot off to Giant in our last minute search for a tent. Found one there. It was a 6 men tent, so we had more than enough space inside. Went to the beach, somewhere near the End of the World (what they call that part of the beach) and set up camp.

We chilled in the tent playing cards and telling stories til it began to rain. At which point we realised that the tent, was not very water proof! I swear, the rain was screwing with us. Coz each and every time we got up to go to the car, it stopped, and we would stay, then 15 minutes later it’d do the same thing again! Very irritating! We finally gave up after about 5 false alarms, got to the car then went for a drive.

Checked out the whole Teluk Bahang area and came across Sungai Teluk Awak. If you do not know why the guys were so tickled by that, literally translated it means Your Eggs (eggs implying balls). Yes, they’re very easilly amused, arent they. They got out, asked permission from the guy in the house next to the sign, and then snapped a whole bunch of pictures there. And all this was at about 3 in the morning. So after that we just kept driving, exploring the whole place. Got back to camp about 5 in the morning and the tent was flooded! Thank God we left when we did. Cleared and dried the tent up then finally went to sleep slightly after 6.

Didnt get too much sleep coz the sun woke us up. Then we headed off to Taman Negara for some jungle tracking. Left off at 10.15 and after 2 long hours of climbing up and down, we finally got to Pantai Kerachut. Was completely worth it. The view from where we were, was simply amazing. We even climbed up those huge rocks to just sit there. We were there so long that I even got to tan my fat ass as well. Well I actually got baked by the sun as Nat & I were burrying the guys in the sand, so I tried to even it out by baking my self even more. I need some colour anyways. Everyone says i’m too pale.

After the many hours of swimming, tanning and running around on the beach, we were too tired to hike back. Thankfully, we were lucky enough to meet some great people that offered us a boat ride back. You can not imagine the overwhelming happiness that we felt. Oh, and the boat ride, was indescribable. We even got to see dolphins. Being the blurr case that I am, I never even knew that we had dolphins around Penang.

We were totally starving by the time we got back to Taman Negara because us smart people, forgot to take food along with us. We immediately had some food, then went to the waterfall to wash up. It was about 6pm by then and the water was freezing cold! But we still enjoyed it. So much so that we just had to go back the next day after gettin up. Spent quite some time there before packing up and leaving.

All in all, the trip was a pretty spectacular one. Lots of memories. It felt so freeing doing all those activities. Its been so long since the last time I did any of that. Maybe I should make that a monthly thing huh…


Back from camp. A little too tired at the moment to blog. But still, I have came through with what I said I would do. And here’s the post I promised. Fully, totally and completely pictured.

*Ron & I, acting like jakun’s on the ferry*

*This one’s called the hungry pig!*

*Mr Driver*

*This is what the idiots do*

*Setting up the tent*

*Got there a lil too late, so we had to struggle a little putting it up*

*Still struggling*

*But we finally got it up. Just had to have a celebratory picture*

*Cam-hoeing in the tent*

*Even more rubbish*

*You know the drill. Say it with me*
(See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil)

*Sungai Telok Awak~ The boys couldnt resist!*

*Just entering Taman Negara. At about 10 am*

*Proper picture b4 beginning our adventure*

*A whole bunch of options*

*We picked left. Off to Pantai Kerachut. A 2 hour hike*

*Yes, we still managed to cam-hoe despite being all tired*

*We were climbing up the tree. No, really*

*Short break in between*

*Notice the space behind us? That was a river before! But its totally dried up now*

*Haha, you understand rite?*

*Excuse me, could you please grab my stick?*
(He actually dropped his stick into the ground below the gazebo)

*Just before hitting the beach*

*Nat & I just relaxing*

*A shot of my tattoo*

*Ish. Just couldn’t help it*

*YES~!~!~ We TOTALLY burried them in the sand*

*All smiles*

*Tanning. Well, trying to even out the tan that I un-intentionally got*

*The view there, was amazing*

*One last pic b4 we left*

*no caption*

*We were just about to hike back when we met the nicest people in the world*

*Who offered to take us back with them!!*

*One last one for memories*

*The waterfall at night. Where we went to wash up*

*Nearly froze our asses off*

*The same waterfall, the next day*

*More cam-hoeing*

*This picture is SO sweet. Dont u think so?*

*I’m the Queen of the World !!!!!*

*After a lot of climbing (we went all the way to the top of the waterfall)*

*This pic seems so out of place. Pool after our 3 days 2 nights getaway*

*The last picture. Dinner that night. We were so hungry after everything*

Off to bed now