Back from camp. A little too tired at the moment to blog. But still, I have came through with what I said I would do. And here’s the post I promised. Fully, totally and completely pictured.

*Ron & I, acting like jakun’s on the ferry*

*This one’s called the hungry pig!*

*Mr Driver*

*This is what the idiots do*

*Setting up the tent*

*Got there a lil too late, so we had to struggle a little putting it up*

*Still struggling*

*But we finally got it up. Just had to have a celebratory picture*

*Cam-hoeing in the tent*

*Even more rubbish*

*You know the drill. Say it with me*
(See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil)

*Sungai Telok Awak~ The boys couldnt resist!*

*Just entering Taman Negara. At about 10 am*

*Proper picture b4 beginning our adventure*

*A whole bunch of options*

*We picked left. Off to Pantai Kerachut. A 2 hour hike*

*Yes, we still managed to cam-hoe despite being all tired*

*We were climbing up the tree. No, really*

*Short break in between*

*Notice the space behind us? That was a river before! But its totally dried up now*

*Haha, you understand rite?*

*Excuse me, could you please grab my stick?*
(He actually dropped his stick into the ground below the gazebo)

*Just before hitting the beach*

*Nat & I just relaxing*

*A shot of my tattoo*

*Ish. Just couldn’t help it*

*YES~!~!~ We TOTALLY burried them in the sand*

*All smiles*

*Tanning. Well, trying to even out the tan that I un-intentionally got*

*The view there, was amazing*

*One last pic b4 we left*

*no caption*

*We were just about to hike back when we met the nicest people in the world*

*Who offered to take us back with them!!*

*One last one for memories*

*The waterfall at night. Where we went to wash up*

*Nearly froze our asses off*

*The same waterfall, the next day*

*More cam-hoeing*

*This picture is SO sweet. Dont u think so?*

*I’m the Queen of the World !!!!!*

*After a lot of climbing (we went all the way to the top of the waterfall)*

*This pic seems so out of place. Pool after our 3 days 2 nights getaway*

*The last picture. Dinner that night. We were so hungry after everything*

Off to bed now

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