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playing the piano

I’ve been working on this piece recently. Croatian Rhapsody by Maksim Mrvika. So far, I’ve only got the first 2 sheets down. It’s a lot of hard work, playing it at the right tempo, but completing it would be SO worth it.

Do you think?

True love, is the soul’s recognition of it’s counterpoint, in another

Do you think I’ll find true love again? Do you think it’ll ever feel the same?

The excitement, the happiness, the purity of it all. Isn’t twice, already twice too many? Is the third time supposed to be some sort of charm?

Kisses and hugs, barely hold any meaning anymore. Crushing, feels numb somehow.

It doesnt even matter if I think I like someone or not, coz right now, even if I wanted to open up my heart and start loving someone again, I’d have to locate it first.

Why is it so easy for some to fall out of love? Why is it even possible?

At this point, I dont feel pain anymore, but I dont feel anything else either.