First photos from my Camera

Finally gathered up the energy and patience to upload the whole bunch of pictures from last weekend. Didn’t do much the first day. Got there late so all we did was go to the internet cafe til about 7 in the morning. Went to Sunway Pyramid the next day, where I got myself a new camera. So, I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

*Us after ice skating. We ended up really hurting our feet.
But I love ice skating, so I didnt mind*

*Sunway Pyramid Ice tag*

*After getting back. Waiting at the LRT station*

*Right before going out. Had a great night*

*Titiwangsa before Genting*

*Pucker up*

*Genting Theme Park entrance*

*Can’t remember the name of the ride. But it was fun*

*We were not looking at the little boy. He just happened to be there*

*Haha. Just to proove she isnt that short*

*He had to as well*

*Ticket for the Space Shot. The thrill of falling was simply amazing*

*After riding the corkscrew. Boring ride actually*

*Isn’t this so perfect in so many ways?*

*My brother and I*

*We needed the blood rush*


*By the exit. I like how it looks*

*Sugar. Seriously, you have no idea how many shots we had to take to get this*

*At Old Town. Before eating*

*After we were done eating. We had to eat a lot. We were hungry*

*Pucker up again. We were trying to do him*

*Horny much? Haha*

*Tobagon ride. Was so fun that we went thrice*

*Up the stairs*

*Last ride of the day. The one that got us wet. We were so cold after*

*Yet still, we managed to take some random, ridiculous pictures*

*Hip hop?*

*Yes, u guessed it, we were that bored, this was to kill time*

*Yet another one of those pictures*

*Mirror mirror, on the wall…*

*Genting Outdoor Theme Park tag*

*The cinema was all mine! All mine!*

*Last shot before leaving Genting*

*In the cab, on the way to Sunway Lagoon.
The cab turned out to be cheaper than the cost of our public transport put together*

*Us, at the Seventeen Summer Splash*

*Shower queue after. Haha*

*Us in some little exhibition room*

*Ron and Nat. All matching*

*Command & Conquer. I got hooked to it. Majorly*

*Commanded & Conquered.
I spent about 2 hours on this one game, but it was 1 on 7.
So totally worth it*

*Waiting at Pudu for the bus*

Not much to write about the trip. I think a picture is worth a million words. Dont you? I could only descibe it as the closest thing to perfection. If only I had someone really special to share moments like those with. Maybe someday again. Maybe someday.

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