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What’s Going On?

Today 25 000 people died because they had nothing to eat
Today Shell and Exxon made 116 438 356 dollars in profit out of bloody oil

Today humans have more cancer-cells in the head as sanity

I really dont know if it would be better to wake up from your sleep tonight
Or to never see daylight again

Croation Rhapsody

Do what makes you happy…
Be with who makes you smile…
Laugh as much as you breathe…
And love as much as you live…

Today I finally nailed the whole first 4 pages of Croatian Rhapsody. Not managed to play, but nailed. Totally and completely. If you dont know what i’m talking about, go here.

Anyways, went to Junjung earlier. Its a really huge waterfall somewhere in Kedah. Not too clean though. The one along Penang beach was so much nicer. But still, we had fun.

*The whole lot, in the car on the way there*

*Ron, Nat & I, hiding from the rain. It was already cold enough without the rain*

*Haha. I didnt take this pic, so I have no idea what in god’s name they were doing*

*Me, starring at the water. Them, totally about to make out*

*In the background you see the waterfall, and them totally about to make out. Again*

*If you look, you can see my very irritating tan line from Pantai Kerachut*

*One guitar. Three idiots*

After Junjung we went to Gerard’s place to celebrate his birthday. Someone is of the complete legal age now. Finally an adult. Although at times I’m quite sure he’s stuck at 13. Lol.

Happy 21st Birthday dude! You’re no longer one of us!
*winks* Young I mean..