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Someone’s getting…engaged?

My best friend’s getting engaged in December. Engaged. In December. I have never seen her so committed, nor happier than she is right now. See, I’ve known her for ages, and she hardly ever changes her facebook or friendster relationship status for anyone. But tadaa! And they’re not just in love. They’re mushilly in love. Sometimes it’s so mushy that it’s almost sickening. And she knows that as well. Lol. No one knows what the future truly holds, but if they’re happy, if she’s happy, I wish them all the best. And I thought I was the one that’d get engaged first.


Wow. It’s 9 in the morning. And i’m up blogging this early. So hardworking eh?

Dead wrong!!

I haven’t gotten to bed yet. Just got back from the cc. Crap lah, I totally need to get my body back to the normal routine. Its just that I was terribly sick the past 2 days. Down with high fever and everything that comes along with that. So i couldn’t sleep when I wanted to. And woke up at random times when I did finally manage to fall asleep. Damn pissing okay. Imagine being totally sick. Going to sleep just as the morning sun comes up. And I live in Penang. So it’s way hotter here. No air-con some more. Freaking hot by the time I actually knock out. Don’t believe, i jemput you to come stay at my place for a day, I promise you’d die of a heat stroke before you can even reach the bathroom to bath.

So anyways, in all that sickness, boredom and insomnia, I found the creativity to make this for my earrings that were annoyingly getting tangled up sitting in my drawer…

Lol. Okay, so it’s not like uber creative or anything, but can each and everyone of you think of making this by yourself, whilst being sick? And then actually make it? No right. Soshuttup. Thank you girl guides. Never thought that’d come in handy at any point. Even though the knots are still not perfectly tight. Its still all shaky shaky if I touch it.

Totally out of topic but hey, it’s my blog. So, I found out today that my mummy will be coming back in December! This december! YayYipaddyDoodaaWoohooLeapsIntoTheFreakingAir! Apparently I was the last one to find out, my grandmother, my brother and mum herself conveniently forgot to tell me. Geram! So, was skyping with her, and my grandma and grandaunt wanted to talk to her as well. This is them.

Old people and technology. Tsk tsk. So cute how they were stuck using earphones. See, my lappie is whacked and has no speaker. Well, not one that works anyways. Useless piece of crap. Problem solved lah coz I actually got speakers last night. Good! Now can listen to music loud loud and wake up all my annoying neighbours in the morning. HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay thats all for now.
Me wants sleep.
Like, now.

SYTYCD Malaysia

Been following So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia. Next week is the finals. And OMG Sly is out. Was rooting for him I suppose. Call me weird, but I find him strangely, really cute. You should go watch him on Anyways, I feel like I’m about to throw up, so I’m gonna stop here. Leaving you with a few pics of course. Coz what am I without pictures right?

Jojo, Esther and I in SS.



Moved today. I am now living in my mum’s place. Again. There will be no explanation here as to why I moved, but this is to let all of you know that I am here, just in case anyone needs to pick me up, or plans to stay over.
It feels weird being somewhere new, but what’s life without changes eh?

Won’t be blogging much these few days, coz I’ve got quite a lot of unpacking and rearranging to do.


Still feeling artsy

Haven’t felt like blogging much recently. Still feeling artsy… Maybe I should look into designing again or something. Or photography perhaps. An addition to the already long list of things I’ve wanted to do but never really finished. I’m good at that, don’t you think?

Going to SS tomorrow night, anyone wanna tag along? The more the merrier right? And right now, I so need to have a really great night out. Hopefully the people that have said they’ll show, will show. A few girlfriends, maybe some cute random guys, some close friends, and perhaps I wouldn’t regret clubbing this time around. I’m really looking forward to dancing and drinking the night away. For once, after such a really long time.

I’ve gotten used to
Not holding your hand while walking through a crowd

Not being in your arms while waiting in line
Not waking up next to you early in the morning
Not seeing you in the car, pulling up to fetch me
I’ve gotten so used to just being alone
But why, can’t I seem to let you go
Why cant you stay completely, forever, erased?