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SAMe. Geddit?!

I saw you today.
I saw you with her.
same her, you said you didn’t want to see again.
same her, that you shamelessly criticised, many a time.
same her, you claimed to hate.

You giggled.
You touched.
I realised.

You are. Still. What you always were.

A hypocrite.
A follower.
A liar.

You blindly carried on.
You do not see me.
You touched again.
You caressed.
Everything, predictable.

I giggled. Amused.
I couldn’t resist it.
I rolled my eyes. I smiled.

Then I walked away.

And I still smile now.

I’m thankful I don’t know you.
You’re not worth it.
You never were.
I don’t hate you anymore.
I just don’t care.

Hannah turns 20

This post is dedicated to Nur Hannah Hibriyah.

This is she..
This is us..
This is..
How far back we go…
My really really good friend for God knows how long. One of the few that matters. She turns 20 tommorrow. Gosh we’re getting old.

Happy Birthday Han! I love you!