SAMe. Geddit?!

I saw you today.
I saw you with her.
same her, you said you didn’t want to see again.
same her, that you shamelessly criticised, many a time.
same her, you claimed to hate.

You giggled.
You touched.
I realised.

You are. Still. What you always were.

A hypocrite.
A follower.
A liar.

You blindly carried on.
You do not see me.
You touched again.
You caressed.
Everything, predictable.

I giggled. Amused.
I couldn’t resist it.
I rolled my eyes. I smiled.

Then I walked away.

And I still smile now.

I’m thankful I don’t know you.
You’re not worth it.
You never were.
I don’t hate you anymore.
I just don’t care.

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