9 terms guys should understand

9 terms guys should understand.

1. Fine.
This is the word I use to end an argument when I am right, and you need to shut up.

2. Five minutes. (and the many variations ; 10 minutes, half an hour, etc)
If I am getting dressed to go out and you are on your way to pick me up, this means twice the amount of time. If you are punctual, you will have to wait. 5 minutes is only 5 minutes, when I, want you, to do something.

3. Nothing.
If I am not talking to you normally, nothing, always means something. If you do not know that, you.are.dumb. Fullstop.

4. Go ahead la.
This is a dare. Not permission. This normally means, dont do it, unless sex is something ur willing to live without.

5. Loud Sigh (usually followed with a shake of the head)
This is a word. Not some sort of body language that needs interpretation. A loud sigh, means I think you are an idiot, and I do not have a clue why I have even bothered trying to talk to you in the first place, when you are clearly deaf, blind and brain dead.

6. Hmm, that’s ok.
Dangerous. This indicates that you are off the hook for now, but I will return for revenge. This means you have done something so unbelievably stupid that I actually need to take time to think of a fitting punishment for you.

7. Thank you.
I’m thanking you. Be it sincere or not, I have thanked you. Take it and run. If you think you have gotten me a really bad present and I still say thank you, appreciate it for I have accepted your flaws and forgiven it for now.

8. Its ok, I’ll do it.
Very dangerous statement. This phrase is used when I have told you once, twice, thrice (and maybe even more times) to get something done, but because you are a lazy ass bastard haven’t done it, I have resorted to doing it myself. This will be followed by you asking me what’s wrong, and me saying NOTHING.

9. Whatever.
This is my way of saying Fuck You. I think this applies to most women, and so does some of the others stated above. So guys, learn.

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