body clock

I cant seem to re-adjust my body clock back to the local time. I seem to be stuck with falling asleep at 6 and getting up around 2. Perfect! If I live in Europe or something. Not too good since I am, in fact, here. Therefore, I have found quite a few ways to keep myself entertained through the wee hours of the morning. Here, are among the many wasteful things I have done.

– Self manicure at 2
– Hair straightening at 1
– Wardrobe re-arranging at 4
– Laundry at 5
– Painting at 12
– Cooking at 3
– Horror movies at 2
– Long shower at 4

I’ve even managed to almost memorise starworld programmes between 12 and 7. Yes, I wish I could fall asleep earlier as well. But unfortunately that will take some time, and a whole lot of persistence.

Just finished downloading the whole first season of Gossip Girls earlier, so I finally get to see the last few episodes after putting that on hold for about 3 months.

So it’s 2 in the morning. I’m alone in the hall. All the lights are off. I just get off the phone. And having finished GG, I decide to put on a movie to watch. The brother downloaded some weird show “Queen of the Damned” and I figured I’d see what it was.

*puts in disc*
*clicks “play”*
*waits for the movie to load*
*puts off TV*

It was some freaky vampire sorta movie. Don’t know how it went, coz the first few seconds of the movie scared the SHIT out of me. Doubt it was any good anyways, or else I’d have heard of it. Freaky freaky song!! So I put in the closest disc to it and here I am, nervously blogging. Because this is what I do when I’m alone at home and scared! *pulls comforter over myself and disappears*

I want my baby!

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