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I’m baaaaccckkkk

I’m back…
Missed me, didn’t you?

Anyways, here’s what went down in KL.

Left Penang late because of some unforseen problems *ehem*dad*ehem*. Rushed to KL as fast as we could and went to Maisons to meet up with Jeslyn, Neo and April.

*The girls*

*Iman, who we happened to see while we were…

…dancing on stage*

*Stayed til about 4, with some of the DJ’s that April knew, then headed back*

Didn’t do much on Friday. Went to get some shopping done. Couldn’t really decide which mall to go to at first, but we settled on MV, since it wasn’t out of the way.


*The dress she really wanted to get*

*Guitar shop in MV*

Went out to the CC that night and spent quite sometime there. Got back late and didnt really get too much sleep as we had to be up on time the next morning. Left Ampang on Saturday at 3.30 to get to Jalan Ampang. We planned to go for LUM. The project that I raved about before. Unfortunately, due to the jam the entire way to town, we got there late! *curses* I am officially at war with KL traffic! Lol.

*This is us, stuck in the jam*

Went back and tried to get some sleep, but couldn’t, at all! So without enought sleep, we went to watch Hellboy II at One Utama.

*Saw Sarimah Ibrahim later (Nat’s reaction to her was priceless)*

Packed on Sunday. And tadaaa…..

*The shitload of my stuff we had to get from Sunway*

I’m off to sleep now. Haven’t got enough sleep at all. Will blog more when i’ve recovered (: Toodles!