Hung out with Janice tonight. Went to fetch her from her place. Its been really long since I spent time with her. 2 years to be exact. She’s like the little sister I never had. Cant believe she’s 16 now. So grown up. But I’m glad that not too much has changed. We still had fun. Went to the CC and then after that to McD for supper.

*In the car after gettin Janice*

*At the CC*

*At McD. Me, being stupid*
(Would have put up a group pic, but I saved over it!! Damn)

Right now I’m missing all the crap we used to all do together with Janice and Roy. And their whole bunch of siblings. All the sneaking around, the christmas and birthday parties. All the hanging out for fun after church. Before we drifted apart. Sometimes I really wish I could turn back time.

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