Tiring 2 days

Just got back from a very tiring 2 days in KL. Left at 3pm on friday and got back at 2am on sunday. Barely got any sleep while being there and ya’ll know how much I love sleep right. Unfortunately and very strangely, I didnt take any pictures. Although there were some picture worthy moments.

Went to Poppy. Or Passion. Or both. I still don’t know exactly. The place confuses me. Downstairs (which i’m quite sure was Poppy) had awesome music, but the place was jam packed. Like mad okay. I felt like a tiny lil tuna flake in a stuffed, overflowing tuna can. So we went upstairs (to what I think was Passion). Atmosphere was awesome. But the music, absolutely, completely *insertcursewordhere* annoying. Techno yo! Cannot tahan at all. And as much as it’s gonna seem very racist of me to say this, I went with like, chinese people. I know lah i’m chinese too, but i’m only half. And that half of me does not listen to techno, or shuffle. They did. Lol. Very amusing. Would have taken pictures, but after the long long trip to KL, I didnt really have enough energy to bother.

That was pretty much all I did in KL this time around. Kinda a wasted trip, didn’t get to spend much time with who I wanted to and being all tired, I ended up not doing anything else. Maybe should have stayed an extra day or two. Next time lah. If there is a next time.

Coz somewhere during the 5 hour bus ride home, I realized. KL, brings out the worst in me. It turns me into someone that even I can’t stand being around. I pity the people that have to put up with me being that way. Maybe that’s why nothing good stays the same when I’m there. All the hustle and bustle of the city life, drives me insane. If all I did in KL was live luxuriously and shop all day then maybe i’d enjoy it all, but I live a normal life in which I take public transport, wait in queues, and get squished and knocked around on countless occasions.

I hate KL
I hate crowds
I hate people

I dont care how that makes me sound, I hate, what I hate. No wonder I felt the need to move back to Penang. Call me a small town girl. Maybe that’s what I am. Penang calms me down. No trafficjams, no hours of public transport to get to places. No places like KL Central and Puduraya. I’m gonna stay put in Penang for as long as I can. Live by the beach, with all the fresh air. Enjoy the simpler things in life. I love Penang. I’m so glad I live here.

Oh and yay! Sofy‘s back home. I cant wait to see her tomorrow and bitch about everything there is to bitch about. I’ve missed my BFF. To total bits and pieces.


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