I met her today.
My BFF (: Gosh I’ve missed her. And the fun we used to have back in highschool. The whole bunch of us. If only everyone wasn’t so far away. Then we’d get to actually hang out once in a while. It’s not too often that we get to meet. In fact, the last time we were us, as a whole group, was back in 2005. Quick, someone get married! Then we’d have a real reason to meet. No lame excuses.

So we went to Sunway to hang out. Walked to McD for some ice cream. Then Ron & Nat came to get us. So lucky my brother totally drives now. Transport is so convenient. That’s his temporary replacement car, while his car is being fixed. Its some old car, but it’s kinda cool, in a retro kinda way.

This is us in the car. I don’t know how different we look now, or how much we’ve changed, but for a moment earlier, it felt like old times again. Just sitting there and chatting about everything, was so comforting. I guess there isn’t any replacing old friends, is there. There’s a certain calm that comes with being with a friend that has known me from way back when. I my best friend.

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