Beijing Olympics

I’m in Starbucks Juru now, and the connection is damn pissing me off. Very freaking slow for the price we’re paying to eat here. Which makes me realise, I don’t actually know why we’re here. We came to switch back the car which was a toyota corolla saloon series (according to my brother la, coz I dunno anything about cars) I know, i know, despite the fact that I had a boyfriend that was totally car crazy.

It’s about 7 now, and if we don’t leave soon, I’m gonna miss the opening of the Beijing Olympics. I wanna catch the opening, coz it’s one of the only interesting parts of the Olympics. I normally only watch the gymnastics. Everything else is so blah.

Anyways, here’s a few pictures that I took just a few moments ago. I know, I’m damn fast at uploading right.

Gerrard at work. Well, at least acting like it.

Delicious pastries. Me likey.


Us. And our food. Yum yum.

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