Channel Surfing

Haven’t been doing anything that productive lately. Just been at home mostly, channel surfing between 816-826. It’s the first time I’m, like, following the olympics. Up to date, I have watched (as in actually kept track of) gymnastics, archery, swimming, volleyball and weightlifting. Too bad I don’t have an interest what-so-ever in football anymore, coz there seems to be at least one match on at any time of the day. Yes, I can watch tv whenever I want to. Sleep, eat, sleep, watch tv, sleep only. See how free and unproductive I am. What to do. Work’s only on the 16th, so til then I wont be doing anything at all.

I think i’m gonna make it a point to update at least once in 3 days. It’s considerably good, seeing as how I have to walk or take the bus to my dad’s place, then go back to my mum’s. Except for those more fortunate times where I can bug Ron into sending me back (: And that’s also if I’ve got anything to update on. It’s either nothing goes on, or the stuff that happens is too personal to blog about -_-“

Photobucket only 3 more days! 3 more days to what? I guess you’ll have to wait to find out.

Some people should just grow up!
And stop being so childish!

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