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If brains were wars, the Nobel Peace Prize would go to you

If brains were wars, the Nobel Peace Prize would go to you.

There’s been something that’s been bothering me. And seeing as how this is my blog, I guess I could let it all out here. Couldn’t I?

I fucking dare you to read on.

I am sick and tired of your empty threats, your stupid accusations, your insatiable need to spread gossip. You are what you are, childish! So you got hurt, I’ve been hurt too. I’ve cheated before and I’ve been cheated on. That’s life. Go ahead and be sad. Hate me by all means. But at some point, you’ve got to fucking get over it. What use is it making threat after threat when you haven’t got the balls it takes to actually get anything done?

You claim that you’ll make me pay for what I have done. You claim that revenge is on the way. It’s been such a long time. What are you waiting for pussy? Do you think small threats scare me? Come to me. Face to face. And prove that you’re a man. Stop playing a child’s game. Time after time you message me to say that you haven’t got time for bitches like me, but yet, you still keep track of my blog, you still message me, and you still waste time thinking about revenge. You hoodwink. Try to fight me, and I’ll fight back.

There is a pattern in what you do. You say, think or believe in whatever it is you have to, to feel like a man. Perhaps to make up for the fact that you feel like a child? How else would you feel, with a 3 inch dick like yours? When erected. ROFL! Is it a question why I didn’t sleep with you then? I don’t think so. No one would want a piece of that. So why did you keep asking why I didn’t let you have fun with me? You idiot, I have never seen or known anyone to be that small. Try to defend that all you want, but the fact is, if you were to pull down your pants and show the world, my point would be proven. So yeah, I dare you to do that.

What makes you even more stupid is that when I said that to your face, you tried to defend your manhood by attacking me back and saying I have aids. Laugh out loud. What I had was a whole lot of scars, from a massive bed mites attack, also known as scabies. Fully treatable and as of today, completely cured (except for the nasty scars it’s left behind). If you read, be it the internet or my blogpost on it, you’d know. It’s not a very pretty sight, but not symptoms of aids. So now you’re not only childish, but you have proved yourself to be an uneducated fool as well.

That is just a portion of what I feel about this game you chose to play. In the 3 months I’ve known you, I have come to realize, you’re maybe not the worst person I’ve met, but you certainly take the award for stupidest. Step up and start being a man. Return what you owe me, and move on with your life. Stop sulking, stop gossiping, stop bitching. I have had enough of you.

Gee, that’s a relief. Glad I got that off my chest. Aren’t you?

If love is a game, and you’ve lost this match,
All you can do is work harder to win the next one.
There’s no winning in being a sore loser.