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I dare YOU to

I will not blame my pettiness on you, for it is my own choice to say what I will say in this post. I sincerely hope you do not see this post, as it would mean that you have finally decided to leave me alone. I hope that it stays that way for a really really long time.
Just when I thought you had left me alone. Oh and proof that you commented?You claim that I don’t have a facebook coz I’m scared of you. Well, anyone that remotely knows me, knows that I have an account. I just blocked you off. And after being proven wrong, you say you wouldn’t comment, as you better things to do…
And then, you…
…visit, and comment once more. Lol. Just as I was about to post this in hopes that you wouldn’t drop by again, you do that. It doesn’t matter what you want to say in all your childishness. Your blind accusations, and your cursing, only lesson the appeal you were already lacking. Say you dint drop by. Then do just that. You prove your own stupidity when you contradict yourself you know. Oh, and the icing on the cake, just before I blocked you once more…

I’m being petty, I know. Too bad. Just be glad that is all I posted up. You fool.

them and the shopkeeper

Ron, Nat and I were sitting at some shop near my mum’s place, so I could use the internet and stuff. And you know, being lovey dovey and all, they kissed. Then some dude (I dont know if he works there or was just a customer la) came over and told them to be more decent bla bla bla bla…. It’s like the gazillionth time that has happened when I was out, no difference if it was meant for me or whoever I was out with.

What is wrong with you people? What?! You don’t kiss? You don’t hug?
You don’t have sex?
You do right. So shutthefuckup and let other people do what they want to. Not like it was massive making out or something. It was just like little kisses. You want to live in ulu‘ness for the rest of your lives, go ahead. Don’t need to drag us into it as well. Do you see me going to people and telling them to be affectionate in public just coz I think that’s the way it should be?! No kan. Ish!

Seriously. There’s nothing wrong with this country. It’s the bloody people that live in it I tell you.

Anyone care to disagree?

Nat now has a blog. To get to her blog. Click

No one knows how strong I’ve been.
No one knows how weak I feel.

Wall E Spoilers

Anything war can do, peace can do better.

Warning – Contains Wall E spoilers.

Went to Sunway with Nat. Just us girls. No bf’s and all. It’s really been ages. Did a little shopping and went to makan all. We also went to the cinema, and watched 2 movies. Too much time to kill I guess. The strangers was freaking scary. I actually screamed quite a few times. If I had something to drink I’m pretty sure I would have like, peed in my skirt. Then we went to watch Wall E. That movie seriously made me cry. I don’t know why exactly, but the way his eyes tilt downwards made him look so pitiful and sad. And how he was the last Wall E left on earth. The way he went through life day by day doing the same thing, like a routine, without having any friends except for the cockroach. All that made me cry. Then he found Eve, but she went into “sleep mode”. And the way he took care of her, was just so heart breaking. That made me cry again. Thank god for the happy ending. Coz if had ended sadly, I would have probably cried all the way out of the cinema.

Anyways, really looking forward to Avril’s concert this weekend. If I really decide to go, it should be nothing but fun. Will be on hiatus til then. I guess. Hugs and kisses.