Where have I gone?

No, I have not committed suicide. And no one has kidnapped me. I was just in KL, hence the lack of updates. Just got back yesterday. At this point, I really wish Penang was closer. The amount of hours I’ve spent traveling back and forth is simply insane.

Reached KL, dropped by McD to eat. The McD there totally makes me sad. Actually the whole Taman Desa, Sri Petaling, Kuchai Lama area makes me sad. Thank god for Avril, it totally took my mind off things.

Yup yup. I was there. But sadly, it wasn’t as eventful as I would have expected it to be. I mean, Avril was good as usual, but the stadium was so empty and we were considerably far for our 268 tickets. Thank god we didn’t have to actually pay that price for it. And then, as if it wasn’t going bad enough, it rained. Silly me for wearing heels I suppose. It kept getting caught in the almost-muddy stadium grounds.

That’s us in our raincoats. Sponsor provided, plastic bag material raincoats. That stuck to my skin like glue, making it almost impossible to be comfortable. Thank god it actually stopped raining right before Avril came on, or else you would have heard me cursing through the concert.

So yeah, that’s what we saw from where we were. There were screens and all, so it wasn’t too bad lah. I’m surprised that I actually knew a good number of her songs. I’m not much of her fan anymore now. I used to love her, but that was before the pink took over. What to do. At least it was fun screaming and jumping and stuff. Went out to wait for our transport after the concert ended, which was a little too soon, and bumped into April.

Should have seen it coming. She’d never miss the chance to see Avril. After that we decided we’d go to Poppy, but last minute we couldn’t lah, coz Nat’s like totally under aged, so under aged that we couldn’t even like, fake it. So I stayed an extra day, to go clubbing. It’s been such a long time kay! Penang clubs are so not fun anymore. What? 4 years with the same clubs, wouldn’t you get bored too? It was Merdeka eve, so we weren’t too sure of where to go coz of the potentially crazy jam in town, so I met up with Won first. Went to Pantai to get her, then we went to Hartamas or Mont Kiara, or somewhere around there la. Not my area. I dunno!

It’s been ages since we hung out, or met. I freaking miss her. Didn’t get to spend that much time there coz I wanted no, HAD to go to Maisons. So we dropped her off with Haire and shot off to town. Amazingly, there was no jam, at all. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw KL town roads so clear. It was so comforting knowing we’d get there on time.

Damn I miss clubbing! It’s been so long since I had fun, without like having to worry bout anything. I wanna go stay in KL again, like for a few months, then come back. Maybe I’ll do half a year here, half a year there. Good idea?

Left after clubbing and I’m pretty sure I knocked out almost immediately. My legs hurt like mad. 2 days of uncomfortable heels. Coz genius here didn’t bother to bring flats along. Next time I need to be smarter. Got the rest I needed, and left the next day. Another 5 hours on the bus. I couldn’t sleep much. So I just stayed up staring out the window and thinking. Then I finally fell asleep and I had a nightmare. Well, not really a nightmare, but I woke up all sad. And then I cried for the next 2 hours. Don’t ask me why, but It’s gotta be like PMS – post menstrual syndrome, or something. Like, it was raining, and it was dark, and I couldn’t help but be emo. I hate traveling alone!

All in all though, it wasn’t too bad a trip. At least I had stuff to do in KL. Penang’s so chill and quiet, I just don’t feel like going out here that much anymore. That’s why I’ll be back to KL to celebrate my birthday in 3 weeks time. Hopefully my 20th will be a good one. I haven’t celebrated 2 birthdays with the same boyfriend. 4 years, 4 different boyfriends. It totally sucks kay. Maybe this year I should just do it solo. Go out, have crazy wild fun. And not regret anything. At least I could say then that I’ve really enjoyed my day. Instead of giving up good plans for other people. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’m off now. I think it’s been a long enough post for today. Don’t you?

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