I cut my hair!

So it’s not too much of a change, but at least it’s something, I was getting a little too bored with it looking the same. I thought of bleaching it or re-highlighting it again, but I remembered that I’d already promised myself to not do anything to damage it more for now, so that I could straighten it once it gets to the right length. Why does hair have to be so impossible?! I swear once I find the right set of wigs, I’m going bald! Haha. That way I could switch colours or styles as I wish, and on a frequent enough basis. So what if everyone knew it weren’t my hair? It’d still be hair, right. It’s no different from lets say, getting extensions. And think about it, that way it’d be less of a fuss. I take it off before going to sleep, and no tangles in the morning. I honestly think it’s the perfect solution. I don’t care if you disagree! But don’t worry. For now and quite some time to come, I’m sticking to my own stubborn hair. I’m saying this to save you the inconvenience of staring at my hairline the next time you see me. Your welcome. I know you love me.

P/S : I want another tattoo for my birthday. Anyone wanna buy me that?

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