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Gurney with people I love

I think I want need anti depressants.

Went to Gurney for a sorta interview’ish kinda thing. Well, it wasn’t actually an interview, but we had to meet the person in charge for a briefing bla bla bla… As everyone should already know by now, I am not too fond of public transportation. Even in Penang. I’m not spoilt. I just don’t like the hot whether and having to wait hours just to get somewhere. That’s why I bullied kindly asked Ron to send us there.

After walking around and some shopping for the boys, me & Jes went to the beach side to chill & hang out. Not much of a surprise, Gurney Drive’s totally not what I grew up to anymore. There used to be nice sand to bury myself in, and now all that’s left is icky mud. I guess it was cause of the low tide, but still. It doesn’t even create a decent atmosphere anymore. No sound of the waves, or a nice cooling sea breeze. I could go on and on, but no point lah. Needless to say, even I wasn’t tempted to take pictures there.

After Ron & Nat finished their one year and a month celebration, we went back. Stopped by Sundays cause Jes’s other half was there. They’ve been together for almost 2 months and that was the first time I met him. Although she speaks of him all the time. I do not exaggerate one bit. Anyways, this is them.

I have to say, that in the many years I’ve known her, no one has been as well matched with her as he is. It’s no wonder that they’ve planned for their engagement. Anyone that catches even a glimpse of them would know how perfect it is. I’m expecting many many pretty babies in their not so distant future. And I book rights to being the god mother to at least one of em’.