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Around the Island in a Day

Uncle Ronny (the one Ron’s is named after, obviously) is down from Germany. And in our effort to be a good niece and nephew, we took him around Penang Island to see what he wanted to see. We were gonna go to little India, but it was very hot and stuffy, so we skipped it went for lunch then headed to the Spice Garden instead.

I like this picture. Especially the lighting. Damn chun. We took so many more pictures, u cannot imagine, but I didnt feel the need to upload it here. Facebook already has it. We left for the Butterfly Farm after that.

That’s Ron’s hand. I would have posted a picture of me holding a butterfly, if I had one. But seriously, bugs freak the hell outta me. Yes, even butterflys. It was like a nightmare being there. Butterflys, scorpions, milipedes, and so many more freaky freaky bugs!!! And they weren’t even in closed cages. I seriously got a little heart attack each and every time a butterfly touched me. Even thinking about it sends shivers down my spine!

Some of the less icky creatures there. Despite it being a long day already, we still managed to get dressed and go for Gwen’s sweet sixteen. I’m not gonna say anything about it, coz it’d be mean to critisize a birthday party right? But OMG LOL!! I definately expected better.

And that’s us in the car on the way to a function after that. We were so forcing ourselves that day. Headaches and all. Poor brother and his girlfriend. But it’s okay. Days like those don’t come around that often.