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Gay Guys are cute!

Going to KL again tomorrow. Will be gone til Sunday.

About a week ago, I would have been able to post that picture up and have certain people amazed by my photoshopping skills. But the whole photofunia thing is so known now that it’s getting annoying. Everyone has a picture up, and its not like there’s such a wide range of pictures to choose from. So it’s the same damned thing, just with different people in it. I’m just gonna have to stick to the good old fashion way. Photoshop. I haven’t had the time nor energy to sit with my laptop for that many hours lately. Haih. I get distracted so easilly now.

I think gay guys are cute. Random, but yeah. I don’t mean that all gay guys have good looks, its just that seeing gay guys together just makes me go awww… I find that kinda romance so sweet. Go ahead, call me weird. So i’ve had a sorta ex turn gay, another ex that has questioned his sexuality and that just got me thinking. Do I just have a tendency to like softer guys that might or might not turn out gay? I know I find younger guys so much more lovable, but does softness play a factor too? I wish there was a guide to feelings, so I could just turn to a page and get all the answers I want.

Hugs and kisses.