KL, quiet?

I’m back home. Well till Thursday at least. Yes, going back to KL again this coming weekend. Lil Jon kay. I doubt anyone who’s a fan would really miss it. Plus, I’ve got other reasons to be there as well. Wanna know? Ask me.
Anyways, I’m too lazy to upload and edit pictures at this hour of the day, so it’ll probably be up tomorrow or something. Not like there are that many pictures anyways. Like less than 20. And only one of me. I was too busy running around and completely forgot to stop to take pics. Maybe next weekend. Went on a clubbing spree again I suppose. Yeah, that’s what I do in KL, since I don’t club in Penang anymore, much. Space was boring. Maybe coz it was Saturday night, but I still don’t like the place. Although I could certainly see myself dancing on the the divider (you’d know what I’m talking bout if you’ve been there). Bar Club wasn’t too great either. Too chill for me I suppose.

And here’s the best part. I’m no longer a fan of MOS/Euphoria, whatever you wanna call it. Once you’ve stepped in that place, you come to realise that every other club around, is like tiny, so naturally that would be the best option for a night out right? Wrong. I enjoy my fair share of trance/house, but heck, if I’m gonna enjoy drinking, I’d rather do it to RnB. Which they do not play in the main room except for Thursdays. Curse the place. I guess there’s no such thing as perfection, is there. Even the name itself is beginning to annoy me. The management should have really thought it through before naming the damned place, coz right now, I’ve had it up to my nostrils with people trying to correct me. When I call it Euphoria, I get “Why u call it Euphoria, everyone refers to it as MOS”. Then when I refer to it as MOS, I get the same comment the other way around. I give up! I’m gonna go the whole nine yards next time and say “I’m goin to Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound. Wanna come?“, then we’ll see what else everyone has to bitch about. Ask me again why I call it what I call it and I’m kicking your ass all the way to the South Pole. You can find your way back yourself!

Besides clubbing, I spent a little time at the cinema, a few hours in Asia Cafe, and quite a few more driving around. Is it just me, or was KL strangely empty the past week? I thought for sure it’d be packed after the Raya holidays. Well, just my luck. At least I didn’t have to put up with bad traffic this trip. Definitely made things better. What’s the fat chance I’d have the same luck next week eh? Oh and I think this deserves some special mention.

I watched Eagle Eye, finally, after seeing the trailer sometime back. And the movie is fucking awesome! One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I totally freaked me out for a while, coz of the whole technology thing. The automatic flushing toilet scared me a lil, and I totally thought twice before picking up my phone after the movie. Gosh, fiction these days. Makes you re-think everything you’ve taken for granted doesn’t it.

So I haven’t got too much free time the next few days. Still have the Halloween party to plan for. Invitations to send out and decorations to put up. Oh and I haven’t even stopped to think of the outfit I’m gonna wear. It’s either gonna be all goth as usual, or maybe I’ll pull a 180 and go all dolled up. It really depends on how much time I’m gonna spend on making the outfit. Right now I don’t wanna think of sewing yet. Oh and if you haven’t gotten your invite by Friday, you’re either not invited or it’s running late. Drop a message by my facebook if you’re really that impatient.

I’d say I have to go to get some sleep, but I slept the whole way back on the bus. So I’m off to watch TV now. Til next time. Toodles!

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