Crash Boom Bang!

Ron got into another accident! Thank god once again it wasn’t his fault. Although the stupid lady driver of the other car kept insisting that it was. Hello! Like, we were going straight and she just turned as if it were her grandfather’s road without checking for oncoming traffic. So she turned, just as our car was reaching the junction and…


Tires screeching and all, our poor little car went directly into hers really hard. My first hard impact accident. I cut my lip, weggie’s right arm whacked the back of the driver’s seat and ridzhuan’s head hit the rear view mirror, so hard that it fell off. So everyone got out, road police showed up. Talk talk chat chat. I think a lot of it was unnecessary actually, coz it was clearly her fault, and what more was there to do but report it, right?

Malaysians are so kaypoh. No one was really hurt or dying yet there were random people there being nosy and all. Tsk tsk. So after a while, tow trucks came to get the cars and we went to the police station then waited to make the report. All in all it wasn’t really a fun experience, but at least Ron’s car get a new hood and bumper after this. I try to look for the positives in things (:

Oh and we sat in the back seat of the car as it was towed and I’m proud to report that we managed to take a few pictures through the whole ordeal. I know, we’re total camwhores when we’re together. Will put the pictures up so everyone can see how bad it was. But that will take some time, seeing as how I can’t go back to mum’s place now (where my camera cable, laptop, battery charger etc happen to be). No car means to transport to go anywhere at all.

That’s why I’ve been sitting at home, mostly watching One Tree Hill episodes. I’m downloading faster than they’re coming up with episodes. Which is very annoying cause I’m done with half of season 6 and I’m still stuck here. I wanna go back to KL. This weekend. But I’ve had enough of bus rides for a while. See la how it goes. I’m that bored here that you might actually catch me walking my way there! Lol.

p/s : I want to go out on a romantic dinner date.
Like seriously.
I haven’t had one of those in ages.
And I think I’m really missing fine dining.

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