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Dudes! Yes, I know I haven’t been updating much lately. It actually is kinda hard to do that without a steady internet connection. Yes, I have a fixed connection at my dad’s place, but I stay at mum’s and I’ve gotta make it a point to get all the way here to go online. So every update should really be appreciated, coz a lot of effort actually goes into it.

Haven’t really been busy here. Those of you who have had a conversation with me over the past week would know why. Penang, or more specifically Butterworth, is
dead as hell. I find myself watching the seconds tick away not really keeping track of what hour of which day of the week it is. In some ways, it’s rather relaxing. Knowing that besides the times I have work to do, I’ve got pretty much nothing to worry about right now. Everything’s finally clearing up and there isn’t so much drama anymore. Between relationship complications to family problems of the past, I haven’t really had time to stop and choose to do what I wanted for myself. But the past few months have been so different. Weirdly, I’ve gotten used to it being this way, that I don’t actually mind the boredome sometimes. That is, sometimes I strongly stress.

So anyways, I spent last weekend with family. My little cousin was down. Katelyn, she’s 6, and at the phase where she’ll talk about like, everything. Totally adorable. I swear, when I have kids someday, I want them to be born 4 years old. Immediately. I don’t understand many kids under that age, and face it, it’d be as frustrating to me as it would be to them, trying to have a conversation. And by the end of it, they’d probably be wondering how dumb I was for not being able to get a single thing they were trying to say. So yeah, I think 4-6 year olds are the cutest. That’s when they start to make sense, without asking too many questions.

That’s Katelyn. I have 14 cousins, firsts and seconds, that I know of. That makes us a small family to begin with. Now here’s where it gets suckier. Out of the 14, my 5 older cousins are in Europe. The next few in my age group are second cousins. 2 of which are in Sabah. The other 2 in Teluk Intan. The only 2 on my mum’s side, are pure Chinese, and I don’t know bout you guys, but the Chinese people in my family aren’t exactly keen on spending time together. Now the only cousins I’ve seen in the past like, few years, are the much younger ones. Katelyn and Camillus. I haven’t even met my youngest cousin and she’s already passed a year. You know how you watch movies where they have huge family gatherings, or know people that have tons of siblings and cousins that they’re close to? Well I watch those movies, and I know those kind of people, and it never fails to make me jealous. I want that close knit group of cousins. I want to actually be able to see all of them often enough to know that I’d recognise them if I were to ever bump into them randomly. Well, here’s to hopeful wishing I guess.

I think everyone that has ever dropped by my blog would know who that is by now. That’s Natalia also known as Chrissie or Weggie in more recent times. She’s my hopefully-if-everything-goes-well-future-sister-in-law-to-be. Yeah, you get it. We started off on a really bad foot, being bitchy with each other and all, but since moving back to Penang in April, we’ve really gotten to spend a whole lot of time together and gotten really close. And just as I have a really close girl friend here to share all those important stuff with, she packs up and leaves the country! Well, not yet. But she is leaving tomorrow night. In those long months that I’ve been back, I’ve managed to fight with my dad, my brother, my ex and even a few of my best friends. She’s the one person that I haven’t fought with. It’s not that I don’t have my other friends around, it’s just that this is the first girl my brother has brought back that i’ve totally gotten along with. And now that she’s moving, it kinda leaves a lot of things unanswered you know. I doubt i’m gonna be liking the next girl he brings back. For the sole purpose of the loyalty I have to the friendship me and weggie have.

Well it’s 5.30 now and I can finally go to sleep. I would have finished this post earlier if I was not distracted for almost 4 hours talking to Daphne. If it wasn’t for MSN, we totally would not have had so much fun, coz you know, actually calling would be so expensive. But hey, anything in the name of gossip right? Lol. Gotta go wake Ron up now. That’s actually why I’ve had to stay up til 5.30. Will try to update soon. But like I said, it takes a whole lotta effort to keep updating now. So if I do not update for another week, feel free to read this post and other past posts to keep yourself occupied. I appreciate ya’ll not giving up on me just yet (:


p/s : To my weggie, I know ur only gonna read this once you’ve left the country. I just want you to know that I’ve totally enjoyed all the time we’ve spent together as a family and the memories that have come out of the past few months. Even if the whole sister in law thing doesnt work out, I’ll still be here for you when you come back from you know where. And we’ll always have our very own eurotrip to look forward to. I hope you’ve gotten to your new home in one piece. And yes, I will be expecting you to be online all the time, updating me on the interesting shit taking place on you’re side. I love you lots. Ur hopefully-if-everything-goes-well-future-sister-in-law-to-be.

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