you are Special

……and thats what he said as he looked her in her eyes one last time.

Went to the airport last night to see weggie off. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the airport. Even longer since I’ve really said goodbye to someone like that. Teary eyed and all, we hugged her and watched her walk in, and then away. Ron broke down immediately after that. I haven’t seen him cry that way over a girl, ever. We all knew that weggie was special, but I never thought it’d be so hard to say goodbye.

Everyone I’ve gotten close to in life has walked away. Maybe that’s why I choose not to get too close to people anymore. How many times can you replace the closeness before the closeness begins to mean nothing. Hardly anyone that I’m close to now, knows anything about who I used to be. I let myself open up, time and time again knowing that opening up is what will cause my downfall. Perhaps I should just keep everything in.

Bottling it all up now. Goodbye.

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