I feel like such a mother.

At 5.30 I go to wake dad up. Then at 5.45 I go back up to really get him to get out of bed, then go over to Ron’s room for his first wake up call. And at 6 if he’s not down yet I make another trip upstairs, put on his room light and say “Ron, it’s time to wake up for school“. After that I help dad iron his pants for work and wait for them to leave, lock the front doors and go to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. Then I watch tv a while and go to sleep.

Yes people, I sleep at about 7 in the morning. My body clock is still fixed on European time. It refuses to go back to being normal, which has kinda been a blessing in disguise, coz weggie sleeps and gets up at about the same time as I do due to the time difference.

Will be going now. It’s about time for me to go make my breakfast.

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