Sometimes life throws crap in your face. Or well, in mine. Over and over again I’m left trying to figure out how to overcome it, or how to change things. Then I realise. That maybe I shouldn’t be so worried after all. Why waste time swearing and cursing at the people who try to make my life miserable, when I can be happy instead. So what if you all have a problem with whatever may be going on? I have what I want. After such a long time. And I know. That no one is gonna be able to change things. No one’s getting in my way this time. I shall deal with it all when the time is right, but right now, I’m not letting go of the happiness that I could very easilly hold on to, just to please any of you. Thank you for worrying so much. It shows how much you care. But really. save yourselves the trouble, coz it doesn’t actually matter anymore at this point.

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