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Musical Notes

I’m gonna be getting a new tattoo soon. I’m thinking, musical notes up my left leg. Or a butterfly right smack in the middle of my chest. But I’m not too sure yet. Will be going this week to check things out and hopefully my new tattoo will be done before next year.

Oh and I’m so excited about next Tuesday. Mum’s coming back for a visit after about a whole year. Practically been jumping up and down with joy! :) I can’t wait.

things I Miss

I miss how he always had his arm under the pillow, beneath my neck as I fell asleep.
I miss how even though most guys hate to cuddle to sleep, he never forgot to do just that.
I miss how it felt when he leaned in and kissed me as we made love.
I miss how it was to feel safe in his warm embrace.
I miss how we knew almost everything about each other.
I miss how I needed to see him, everyday without fail.
I miss how he was the one person who I could count on for anything.
I miss how he always tried to make me understand whatever he was going through.
I miss how loving him made me feel.
But most of all, I miss how it felt knowing he loved me back.

Time flies by.
People change.
Relationships wither.
But my feelings, have yet to disappear.
I long for the time when I know, that I have indeed moved on.
Til then, I will have to settle with knowing,
That my heart still beats for him.