My Hearts

Went with Jo to get our tattoos today. Unfortunately she didn’t have time to stay too long so she couldn’t get hers done. Will be going back on Monday for hers. I didn’t really plan to get mine done either today, but being impulsive and all, I decided to get a different tattoo first.

So here’s what I got today. Hearts behind my ears.

One for mum.
And one for dad.

No I don’t think it’s a weird choice. It actually means a whole lot to me. It represents equal love. Coz having to put up with their divorce the past 3 years has been the closest thing to being in hell. Being afraid to tell one that I still love the other. Parents can be a real headache sometimes, but like I’ve always tried to tell them, I’m only ever gonna have one mum, and one dad. I can’t go out and hand pick someone else to take their spot. I will always love the both of them, equally and unconditionally. So that’s what the tattoos stand for. Still think I didn’t think it through?

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