I spoke about you today.

I had to. As much as it hurt, I had to make them understand. It was never fair that you didn’t get the chance to live the life you deserved. But what made it unbearable was his claims that you never existed. That I lied. I fought for your existence. Knowing that they finally believed in you, that they finally understood brought such a comfort to me, I cried. But it was a cold comfort. And painful tears. Coz dealing with the decision I made is a never ending battle that I face everyday. Life goes on, and I continue living, the best that I can. But I will never forgive myself for giving up on you. For not being strong enough to let him go for you. I promise you this though. As long as I live, you will live through me. I think of you so very often, but today…

Today, I spoke about you.

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