Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Year I…


the year I

CRIED the hardest
HURT the most
SMILED the widest
& PARTIED the craziest!

so here’s GOODBYE to 2008
and all the wonderful moments I shared with it

now with open arms, let us welcome


may it be a year truly worth looking forward to!




(And yes this is a timed post. I’ve been partying the 08 away! I hope you have been doing just that too)



Okay, so I know it’s not the new year yet, but I’m gonna be leaving the house soon to avoid the jam and I’ll probably be too “happy” by the time I get back to sit down at the computer. And, I have to be in church tomorrow morning. So I’m changing it a little earlier. All the graphics are original =) So don’t ask me where I got my template from. I suffered like hell changing the html color codes one by one.


p/s: I’m really wishing that I was there, celebrating the new year with the both of you…

Just the other day

Their eyes met once again, for the first time in forever.
He smiled, she giggled, they hugged.
And as if time had never passed in the first place, they kissed.
They kissed as if they had kissed the day before, or a moment ago.
And there was such a comfort in knowing that they were reunited.
As if it were in someway, meant to be.

They held hands.
They talked. They hugged a little more.
And in the days that followed, they opened up once again to each other.

She didn’t want to stop to think of what would happen after.
All she wanted to do was live in the now.
Coz right there and then, she was happy.

It didn’t matter that the happiness could be pulled away from under her feet like before.
It didn’t matter that she might not see him once more.

All that mattered was that she loved him, and in that moment, she knew he loved her too.

Sexxaayyy Time

I know you’ve all been waiting really patiently there. So here are the pictures as promised. Are you ready??? Start scrolling =)

Shisha at Bukit Bintang

Shopping & Hanging Out




Ptl’ing XP (inside joke)

And here’s one more just before you go….

…I kissed a girl…and I liked it….

Has the Year Gone by So Fast?

It’s really 4 days away from the New Year, isn’t it?

The past month has gone by so fast, that I really haven’t even realised. I’ve been in KL the past 10 days, and things have been so hectic. Kinda like how it’s felt. But I also can’t wait to get back to Penang to relax. And get enough sleep! Coz seriously, I’m totally missing out on sleep here. Thank god for the nap this afternoon, or I probably wouldn’t even be able to hold my head up in the CC right now. Yes, I still take naps. Randomly.

Christmas 3 days back was fun. In some ways. I really didn’t think I’d spend the night in bed, fast asleep, but oh well. Went for mass on Christmas Eve, like the good girl that I am! It was nice, being in church for Christmas, and actually feeling like I was celebrating something. Especially since last year was quite a flop. Oh, and we made cupcakes to take along as well. Like a WHOLE LOT of cupcakes. So much that there’s still some leftovers in Mz A’s house.

Speaking of Mz A’s house, It’s not even been a whole day since I’ve left and i’m already missing her. She’s got church stuff tomorrow morning, but we’re so picking her up for late lunch. Hopefully it’ll be a double date. Don’t ask :p But yeah, we’ve been so happy with our Christmas miracles! Me and him, him and her. Again, don’t ask. Can’t wait til she gets her butt to Penang for Uni, then we’d be able to do so much more crap. AND i’ll finally be able to take her to SS, without having to worry bout anything.

Yes, woman clubs! We went to Quattro on Friday night, and woman… drunk!!! Haha. Okay, so maybe she just got high. But seeing her laugh uncontrollably to NOTHING, was so hilarious! And don’t worry. There will be pictures up of that night as well. Just give me a few more days to get back home.

So yeah, that’s about it for now. I’m just gonna state again, that I’ve been really REALLY happy here the past week. So stop worrying bout how I’ve been =)


p.s: Anyone know an alternate way to spelling stupid? I do! *inside joke* XD