-wordiness is NOT her, readers.

This is someone who’s a little somewhat like her, who shares the same thoughts, the same ideas on MANY things, if not all; someone whom she just knew for not too long in close proximity..someone you’d probably NOT know (:

Well, here I am, intruding into her little space of thought and expression on the WWW.
(Don’t blame me, D- I do my thang. I think you know who I am by now. :P)

Just before heading on to attack my papers today, I decided to just come online and attack her blog- just to put a little smile on her face, if not a huge one (but YOU KNOW I can do that, woman- and make you laugh to nuts if I wanna! :P).

Thanks a lot babe, for all the measures you went through with me.
Thanks for not practicing affectation (go read your dictionary if u dunno WAHAHA), and being genuine with me.
Thanks for the crazy 4-5am nights chatting, and the scheming of ..well destroying the world and pretending to be President of America for a day (or month or year?).
Thanks for EVERYTHING, woman.

Our thoughts-very crazy ones , if I may add; are just so in sync that when we just state a sentence, it all falls in line without us having to say much, huh?

You’re one heck of an amazing woman, D.
I sayang you manymany. :P

Wait for the 3rd week of Dec to come.
That’s when jjbptlinrg’d happen.. and THEN, we’d go have some fun.

Before I go…
got paper? ;)


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