Daily Archives: 021208


*skips around happily in circles*

I know i’ve probably said this a few times. But MUMMY’S COMING BACK TODAY!!! They reached penang yesterday, and are taking the connecting flight back to Penang in like 2 hours =) We’ll be going to the airport to get them with grandma. Woohoo…!! I know i’m not a kid anymore, but I love my mum! It’s awesome to get to see her again after so long. And I just wanted to share my happiness. See, I can be a happy go lucky person too you know =D


I catch the whole exactly fever thing from you.
You, the whole yalar thing from me.

The crazy,nonsensical saying the same things at the same time moments?
Happened a kachillion times today.

We is amazing champions, woman.
We needs to be President of America for … :P nevermind.
We’ll just be Women Almighty. :P