I know, i’ve been missing. But it’s okay lah, coz I have Mz A filling up the space when i’m really not online. I’ve been on holiday =) Just in Penang, but by now ya’ll should know why I was there. And if you haven’t, it means you do not read my blog much. I’m disappointed. Haha.

That was mum and Clay at the airport on Tuesday evening. I was standing there, waiting to take the photo of them getting out at the arrival hall. After tears and all, we headed to the hotel and then for dinner.

Did some shopping around Penang, and I got those shoes =) and some other clothes, bla bla bla. Sorta early Christmas shopping la. Walked walked walked around malls, the streets of penang, and went up to Batu Ferringhi. Bargain shopping. What an experience. But I like bargain shopping I suppose. Lol.

Had buffet breakfasts. Which was very the bad actually. Well the pastries were normal, but the hotdogs and ham was so tasteless, I really wouldnt have been able to force myself to finish it even if I wanted to.

Mum used to be the one that took a lot of photos (i guess that’s where i get it from). But she doesn’t do that anymore. So I had to make sure we had pictures taken. Didn’t wanna not have pictures after a whole year.

Some dressing room in Prangin Mall I think. It was so huge, and we were so bored. Hence the pictures.

We also played pool.

Had food. Lol. Like duh.

Went for a swim.

Played table tennis/ping pong.

And took more pictures. Well, actually, I was the one that took pictures. Yes, I know I camwhore. Loads.

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