Annoying the Crap outta me

Some people, annoy the crap out of me. This goes out to those people.

1. Death is not a thing to be joked about. I do not care if you hate that person or not. You do NOT call me, ask me if I’ve heard the news, then JOKE about it! Just coz you’re insensitive, doesn’t mean I am too. You got a joke to make, keep it to yourself! I do not feel like laughing when I’ve just found out that my friend has passed away that morning itself. And no, I do not care if you think its funny, or that I’d really wanna hear it. Coz I DON’T! Get it?

2. I had the SCABIES people. Which means bed mites bit me. Terribly. Not SYPHILIS! Get it? This whole “She’s got an STD thing” is starting to annoy me. Keep saying that, and I’ll personally hunt down your boyfriends, fuck them and then you can go re-confirm for yourselves. Coz if I actually had it, you’d get it too when you slept with them. If I had the SYPH, I’d have un-itchy rashes. Not small scars from scratching. I know, coz I’m smart and educated and I do research before saying things. Not like you fucktards out there! Grow a brain and use it can or not?!

I already sign on to appear offline most of the time coz of you idiots out there that have nothing better to do than be stupid. Can you choose not to start a chat with me if all that’s gonna be exchanged is nonsense? Save me the trouble of blocking you lah.

Sorry, had to just lepas geram a little. Pardon the language yeah.

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